How to Sell in a Store


di Vittorio Galgano

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Keeping existing customers, building a positive customer experience and increasing sales are the objective of every store. There are various strategies to achieve these goals, but one of the surest and the most profitable is knowing how interact with your customers and how to motivate them to purchase without giving them the unpleasant impression of being pushy.

This book is an excellent support which will help you to achieve these aims. It illustrates clearly how to develop persuasive skills in retail sales.

The contents are based on the very successful OTTANTAVENTI training program delivered to some of the most important clothing companies.

The book is very practical and concrete. It contains powerful suggestions which are easy to apply.
It demonstrates easily and pleasantly how to:

Welcome customers into a store and manage various sales situations;

Evaluate customers, after acquiring useful information from their look and style;
Interpret dynamic and static body language;
Listen and talk in a psychologically correct way;
Plan the sale and present the items;
Handle objections;
Lead the customer to the purchasing decision;
Cross sell and up sell;
Say goodbye enhancing the best impression;
Manage returns and complaints;
Improve your customer service;
Have an effective shop windows;
Improve the fitting room;
Work to improve your customers’ experience.

The book also offers the reader the chance to evaluate their own product knowledge.

Reading this book provides a real opportunity to improve communication with customers, to diffuse the best store image, increase sales and build customer loyalty.


The contents are drawn from the successful training activity of Vittorio Galgano, 
Chairman of the company OTTANTAVENTI, for some of the most important clothing companies.


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